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A Real Live Witch Hunt: Naples Police Trying To Find A Witch Who Defrauded People Out Of $100,000

“The Naples Police Department is seeking the assistance of the public in a fraud investigation,” the department said in a statement.

“On March 14, 2021, Naples Police Department received reports in reference to a female subject providing spiritual/witchcraft services,” they continued.

“At this time, ten victims have come forward and reported to have been deprived large amounts of money. The total combined loss is approximately $100,000.00.”

Facebook; pictured above is a composite sketch of what this witch looks like, courtesy of the Naples Police Department

This witch advertised her witchcraft services on the local Hispanic radio, as well as in Hispanic newspapers.

She also posted flyers around East Naples and Golden Gate in different stores, including some laundromats.

“The media ads were published in December 2020, leading to the in-person scam beginning mid-January 2021 and ending mid-March 2021.”

Facebook; pictured above is a second composite sketch of the witch, courtesy of the Naples Police Department

“Victims describe the subject as possibly Hispanic or Eastern European, speaking Spanish with unknown accent/dialect, approximately 5’2”, medium build, blonde hair with dark roots, light brown eyes.”

If you have any idea who this witch is based on the provided sketches and information, or if you know where she is, please reach out to the Naples Police Department at 239-213-4844.

Facebook; pictured above is the statement regarding the witch from the Naples Police Department

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