Missing Beauty Queen Found Dead In Dallas 2 Days Before Competing For A New Title

38-year-old Lashun Massey lived in Dallas, Texas, and she would go for a walk every morning bright and early around Lake Lago de Claire.

She always made it back to her house around 7 a.m. so that she could then get her children ready for online elementary school.

When she stepped out of her house three days ago dressed in checkered pajama pants and a black hoodie, her family never expected her to not come home.

Lashun was, by all means, a beauty queen, having won the title of Mrs. Dallas recently.

She wasn’t just a pretty face though; Lashun had written a book and held a Ph.D. in civil engineering.

Lashun also owned an environmental engineering company and worked as an engineering program manager for the University of Texas at Dallas.

Two days before Lashun was set to compete for a new title, Mrs. Texas America, she disappeared after never coming home from her usual morning walk.

Facebook; pictured above is Lashun

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