A Toddler From Ghana Has Been Named The World’s Youngest Male Artist By Guinness World Records For His Abstract Paintings

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When you were a kid and would participate in arts and crafts or paint something in art class, did you ever consider yourself a young artist?

The Guinness World Records has officially declared the world’s youngest male artist, and his work is pretty impressive.

Ace-Liam Ankrah is a toddler in Ghana who will turn two in July. However, he’s reached an even more impressive milestone before his second birthday. He’s been declared the world’s youngest male artist.

It all started when Ace-Liam’s mother, Chantelle, who is also an artist, laid out a canvas and some paints for him to experiment with on the floor while she worked when he was less than a year old.

Before her eyes, Ace-Liam created one of his first completed works of art, which she later titled “The Crawl.”

Since then, Chantelle’s been giving Ace-Liam canvases and paints, and he’s been creating stunning abstract pieces of art.

Chantelle tried submitting Ace-Liam as the world’s youngest artist to Guinness World Records last year but was told in order to qualify, he’d have to have his work put in an exhibition and sell some of his art. So, Chantelle and her community made it happen.

That December, Ace-Liam’s work was featured in a solo exhibit called “The Soundout Premium Exhibition” at the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra, Ghana.

Out of the ten paintings Ace-Liam had featured in the exhibit, nine were sold. With the success of his exhibit, Guinness World Records declared Ace-Liam the world’s youngest male artist when he was one year and 152 days old.

chachamp – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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