She Let Her Toddler Walk Without Her Legs In A Store And Is Now Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong After A Stranger Confronted Her

One mom on the internet is left wondering if she went wrong in letting her toddler walk around without her legs in a store after a stranger confronted her about it.

This 33-year-old mom explained that her 4-year-old daughter wasn’t born with legs and that she’s missing both limbs up to her knees.

She did get her daughter 2 sets of prosthetics; running blades and walking legs.

“She usually prefers the running blades,” she said. “Well neither have knees because her prosthetist said it was best at her age/size so we’re waiting until she’s a bit older to get her legs with knees.”

Although her daughter can use her prosthetics, she actually prefers to not use them.

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