She Let Her Toddler Walk Without Her Legs In A Store And Is Now Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong After A Stranger Confronted Her

This mom went on to say that her daughter is starting to not want to wear her prosthetics at all.

She thinks it might have something to do with the fact that it’s getting pretty hot where they reside and the socket parts of her prosthetics are irritating her.

She’s choosing not to make it an issue, and will let her daughter walk around without her prosthetics, or she will push her in a stroller or carry her when that happens.

This mom headed to a store the other day and brought her 4-year-old and 7-year-old along with her.

Her 4-year-old refused to put on her prosthetics, so she took her anyway and placed her in a shopping cart.

At some point during their trip, her daughter decided she wanted to get out and walk around, so she let her do that while making sure she was close by.

She noted that her daughter had on a onesie, so it was clear to people passing by in the store that her daughter did not have legs.

She’s used to her daughter getting looks for being different, and she didn’t think anything of the people that did stop to stare until one woman asked her if that was her daughter.

The stranger then asked why her 4-year-old was missing her legs, so she patiently explained that she simply wasn’t born with them.

Getting ruder, the stranger then inquired why her daughter was not wearing her “fake legs” and this mom said it bothers her to wear them when it’s hot out.

“She started getting more annoyed and saying things like “Well you’re her parent, you need to make her listen to you”,” this mom continued.

“She then asked me why I can’t just put her in the cart, I told her I did but she wanted to get out. She then started yelling at me about how my kids are gonna grow up never knowing the word no and I need to be more authoritative.”

“I was kinda confused why she was getting so mad and I said “I’m sorry but can I ask why it concerns you?” and she said her daughter was in the other aisle and she didn’t want her seeing that.”

“I started questioning her like “Why is my daughter such a bad thing to see?” and she started backtracking and saying she was just concerned about her legs on the dirty floor which I guess makes more sense but still none of her business. I just took my girls and left the aisle.”

Her girls didn’t quite grasp what had gone down in that aisle, but they kept asking her about it, and she had no idea what to tell them.

Now, she’s left saying she kind of feels like a jerk for letting her daughter walk through that aisle without any legs instead of making her stay put in the cart.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I have seen people with no filter but what kind of person asks a stranger “why doesn’t she have legs”….like gee I dunno why don’t you have common sense, empathy, and respect for private lives?”


“Your daughter is, despite her age, her own person with her own wants, desires, and (most importantly) bodily autonomy. Allowing her to make her own decisions on matters like this now, when she’s too young to understand shame and/or care about the opinions of others, is setting up a foundation for her continuing to be this confident and secure in herself.”

“There are times when you’ll need to put your foot down with your daughter, but not over something like a shopping trip. I suspect she understands that, just as you seem to.”

“There’s also the fact that the real problem here is the other lady and her apparent belief that those with visible differences to the norm should not be seen in public. It’s disgusting and outdated, and good on you for not bowing to that.”


“That lady is beyond ridiculous and is a horrible person. Your daughter may be the one with prosthetics but as far as what that lady was saying, she didn’t have a leg to stand on.”


“Reading this absolutely broke my heart. Why do people feel the need to comment and question when they see another person with any type of physical difference? It is so rude, and I have never understood why it is considered socially acceptable?!”


You can read her original post on Reddit here.

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