Kenu BingeBank Review: Stream On In Confidence With This Portable Power Bank

I don’t get anywhere without a portable power bank, and this one from Kenu called the BingeBank is definitely my new go-to.

It’s really something special, and I’m thrilled I got to review it so I can share with you just why that is.

First things first, the best thing about the Kenu BingeBank is that it enables you to charge your phone wirelessly! How cool is that?

You place your phone right on the little sticky pad in front, and it keeps it right in place.

You can even charge it wirelessly with your case on if you have a hard, plastic-type case.

The second thing I absolutely love about the Kenu BingeBank is that you can also use it to power up your Macbook.

This portable power bank has enough juice in one charge to charge your phone three times, or you can watch 30 hours of video.

That’s pretty incredible, and you can definitely stream on in confidence with the Kenu BingeBank in your bag.

You can also charge up to three devices at a time, which is good news for every girl on the go.

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