She Went Missing After Being Charged By Bears And Was Thankfully Found Alive After Being Alone In The Wilderness Of Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska. Around an hour outside of Anchorage is the Pioneer Ridge Trail, a popular destination for experienced hikers and bird watchers.

The trail itself stretches into the Alaska wilderness for a little more than thirteen and a half miles.

55-year-old Fina Kiefer lives in nearby Palmer, and on June 15th, she set out to hike the trail.

Unfortunately, while Fina was out there, she ended up being charged by two bears. She had bear spray on her and was able to spray it at them.

The bears did end up leaving her alone eventually, but she got lost after they ran her off the path she was on and into the woods.

Fina was able to call and text her husband to let him know she needed some help out there, but then Fina’s husband stopped being able to contact her.

He then reached out to authorities to report her as missing around 1:30 in the morning. The Alaska State Troopers went out to the trail to try to find Fina, without any luck.

Search and rescue dogs were then brought out, and helicopters circled around in the air. The Alaska Air National Guard even brought out a Black Hawk helicopter and crew to aid in the search.

Facebook; pictured above is a Black Hawk helicopter from the Alaska Air National Guard the helped search for Fina

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