She’s Being Called A Hero For Swimming Out To Rescue A 4-Year-Old Drowning In A Lake

Kinnelon, New Jersey. 22-year-old Jennifer Watson lives in Kinnelon, along with her mom who has MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the spinal cord and brain.

Essentially, when a person has MS, their immune system degrades the protective coating that their nerves have.

MS is a debilitating disease, and it can cause pain, fatigue, and loss of vision, speech, and coordination.

Jennifer has set her dreams and goals aside for now so she can be her mom’s full-time caregiver, but that’s not the only reason people are now calling this young woman a hero.

GoFundMe; Jennifer is pictured above with her family

Jennifer was recently inside the house she shares with her mom, listening to some music when suddenly her dogs started barking like crazy.

She decided to check out what the dogs could be going nuts over, and she saw a family on a nearby lake struggling in the water.

This family had been out fishing on South Lake when their boat started sinking, and they were really in trouble.

“Fully clothed, dad was struggling to get his 4-year-old son to the shore,” Colleen Barry Lazarus, the woman who created a GoFundMe page for Jennifer, explained.

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