She’s Lucky To Be Alive After Suffering From Bleeding In Her Brain, But Now This Recent College Grad Has To Undergo Brain Surgery

Sedona, Arizona. Morgan Bailey graduated from Arizona State University earlier this after she completed her degree in Forensic Psychology.

She also recently launched a company with her mom Robin in their hometown of Sedona.

Their company is called Sedona Picnics, and the mother-daughter duo provides hand-crafted charcuterie boards and luxury pop-up picnic experiences.

On May 30th, a Sunday, Morgan suffered from a terrible medical tragedy that has left her now urgently needing brain surgery.

“Anyone who knows Morgan knows her as an amazing bright light, a young woman poised to make the world a better place,” Galen Coburn-Amadio wrote on a GoFundMe page for her.

Facebook; pictured above is Morgan

“At approximately 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 30, 2021, Morgan experienced a severe and sudden AVM (arteriovenous malformation) rupture, an extensive bleeding of the brain that can cause paralysis and other unknown damage to the brain.”

Morgan then had to be airlifted to a neurological hospital, where she currently still is.

“Morgan is an incredible human being who has her whole life ahead of her. A recent graduate of Arizona State University, getting ready to start law school on her journey to imbue social justice into every facet of life,” Galen continued.

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