This Animal Shelter Is Going Viral For How They Handled An Owner That Couldn’t Afford To Get Her Dog Out

Milton, Florida. Not every animal that ends up at an animal shelter is in need of a loving home.

Often, some dogs or cats might accidentally get loose from their owner and land themselves in a local shelter.

It’s virtually unheard of for a shelter to not charge an owner money in order to get their animal returned to them.

This animal shelter in Florida is going viral for how they handled an owner that couldn’t afford to get her dog released to her.

Facebook; pictured above is Glock, the dog whose owner couldn’t afford to get him out of the shelter

Jessica Jade works at Santa Rosa County Animal Services as the Manager Of Operations. Taking to Facebook, Jessica shared a story about a woman who came in looking to get her dog back.

“This is Glock. This sweet deaf pup was at the shelter for almost two weeks. Today a woman walks in the door holding some vet records; she is crying as she walks in,” Jessica explained.

The woman was sobbing even harder as she nicely asked Jessica if she could get her dog back, before admitting that she has no money to get him released from the shelter.

Jessica asked her which dog was hers, and then she told this woman that it was ok, she was going to help her get her dog back.

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