4-Year-Old Found Dead In His Toy Chest Where He Suffocated

Hurricane, Utah. A few days ago on July 25th, 4-year-old Kache Wallis was reported as missing by his grandmother.

Kache’s grandmother explained to the police that she had last seen him the evening before when he was tucked into bed for the night.

The very next morning, Kache was nowhere to be found. He was not in his bed, he was not in his bedroom, he was not anywhere inside of the family’s home.

The rest of Kache’s family, along with some family friends, desperately searched for the little boy, but there was simply no sign of him anywhere.

When the police came out to search the family’s home, they also didn’t find any clues as to where Kache had gone.

GoFundMe; pictured above is 4-year-old Kache

The search expanded throughout the neighborhood before authorities agreed they should take another visit to the family’s home.

“It was at this time that Detectives located Kache inside of a small toy chest in his bedroom,” the Hurricane Police Department explained in a press release.

His official cause of death was determined to be accidental. Kache sadly suffocated inside of his toy box.

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