7-Year-Old Girl With Special Needs Created A Lemonade Stand So She Can Help Raise Money For An Inclusive Playground

Brunswick, Ohio. 7-year-old Gwen Ciccozzi suffered from a stroke prior to her mom giving birth to her, leaving her with hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

Gwen loves being able to play on a playground just like other children her age, but the problem is it’s difficult for her to navigate them.

When Gwen decided to create her own lemonade stand because she thought it would be an enjoyable weekend activity, her mom Rebecca never thought that it would be a success, but it quickly grew.

“Honestly, it wasn’t the original plan to donate,” Rebecca wrote on a Facebook page called Gwennie Penny’s Lemonade.

“I had found a bag of lemons in the fridge that needed to get used up, so I suggested we make some lemonade and Gwen suggested the lemonade stand.”

Initially, Rebecca told Gwen no. But then she thought about it more and went out to get some things Gwen would need to launch her lemonade stand.

She helped Gwen find a great lemonade recipe, she created the actual stand for her, and she even made Gwen a uniform.

Rebecca figured if they only priced their lemonade at 50 cents per cup, it wasn’t going to end in profit, but it was going to end in a good time.

Facebook; pictured above Gwen smiles next to her lemonade stand

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