A Michigan Father Suffered Severe Burns While Rescuing His 18-Month-Old Twin Daughters From A Fire

Eastpointe, Michigan. A Michigan father suffered severe burns while rescuing his twin daughters from a fire recently.

Ray Lucas suffered significant burns to his face, eyes, neck, and arms when he went into the flaming house to save his 18-month-old twin daughters Milan and Malaysia.

What set out to be a casual errand run ended in a major disaster for a young family.

Ray Lucas and Shi’Ann Brown, the 23-year-old parents of 18-month-old twins, had an ordinary Friday night on July 16, 2021…only to return home and discover that their home had caught fire, as per a GoFundMe account set up for the family.

“When an electrical fire erupted in the basement and quickly devoured the entire house, Malaysia and Milan were at home with their families. Some members of the family were able to flee, but the babies remained trapped inside,” the GoFundMe post read.

The “brave father” then “without hesitation” rushed into the burning house to rescue the baby girls, Milan and Malaysia, from the basement.

“Smoke had filled the house. I just knew I had to get my babies out,” Lucas explained.

“I saw my mother and niece waiting at the entrance, frantic. That was my thought process at the time…your hand could be so close to your face, and still, you wouldn’t be able to see.”

GoFundMe; pictured above are the twins

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