Her Cousin Is Accusing Her Of Selling Out Their Grandma’s Secret Cake Recipe And She’s Telling The Internet She Thinks This Is What Her Grandma Would Have Wanted

A woman says her grandma was a talented baker in her lifetime, and she even developed a top-secret cake recipe that she made all on her own.

“It used some very uncommon spice combinations in the cake and frosting that produced a very unique but delicious cake,” this woman explained.

“She would always make it for our big family gatherings, and it was always the most popular dessert.”

“When she got sick a couple of years ago, she decided to share the recipe so that it wouldn’t die with her, and offered to give it to any of her kids or grandkids who wanted it.”

Well, she was the only person who asked her grandma for the secret recipe before she passed away.

Nobody else in their family asked for the recipe, and she’s not sure why because she has a few family members that are bakers.

When her grandma passed away, she began making her secret cake and she brought it to all their family events so everyone could still have it.

Then, she began making various cakes for her family members and her friends, and suddenly that turned into a side business for her.

Her business kept growing, and she quickly outgrew the kitchen in her own home. One of her friends owns a catering company and she asked to use her professional kitchen.

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