Her Creepy Coworker Lied To Get Her To Go Out With Him All Alone But Now She’s Asking The Internet If How She Handled Him Was Really Petty

A woman with one creepy coworker named Keith is left wondering if what she did was petty after he tried to lie to her to get her out with him alone.

“I have a coworker, I’ll call him Keith, who I feel like is starting to cross a line with me, he’s always talking about his wife and how awful she is and I’m always tuning him out or telling him I don’t wanna hear it because it sounds like some midlife crisis…where he’s trying to have an affair,” she explained.

So Keith asked her last week if she would like to go to happy hour. She replied that she might, before asking if it was going to be a group of people from work.

Keith refused to answer the question and told her that you never really know if people can make it out to things like that.

She then asked Keith who else he had invited, and he mentioned that he invited a few of the other guys from their team.

When she inquired about who exactly that was, Keith again was very vague with her.

At this point, she felt like he was not being honest with her at all, and she suspected it would only be the two of them if she agreed to go to happy hour.

She knows she could have just declined, but she really wanted to catch him in the act of lying to her about all of this.

She said to Keith that she would like to go to the happy hour, but her dog wasn’t feeling that well so she was not up for leaving her dog for very long.

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