His Girlfriend Deleted Photos Of His Dead Wife Off His Phone So He Kicked Her Out And He’s Asking The Internet For Help

A 25-year-old man’s wife sadly passed away 19 months ago, and though it was very difficult to start dating again, he did meet someone.

He’s been dating his 23-year-old girlfriend for 7 months now, and everything has been going great up until this point.

She even moved in with him about 4 months ago, though after what recently happened, he thinks maybe it was all too rushed.

He admits that his girlfriend has been terrified of him cheating on her, and she is quite clingy due to her past.

He thought he was helping things by giving his girlfriend the password for his phone, but when she was looking through his things she discovered a photo of his wife.

He told his girlfriend she had passed away, and he thought she was ok with everything even if the conversation was awkward.

“Fast forward 3 days and I go to take a shower and leave my phone on charge in the bedroom. I come out to see my phone unlocked,” he said.

“Weird but I let it slide. Later in that day, I go through my photos to upload a new profile picture to Facebook. All the photos of my wife and me and her together are gone without a trace.”

He knew that his girlfriend had deleted these photos, so he brought it up to her. His girlfriend screamed at him, saying she was in his life so he needed to delete all of the “reminders” of his wife.

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