His Girlfriend Deleted Photos Of His Dead Wife Off His Phone So He Kicked Her Out And He’s Asking The Internet For Help

“I have the passcode to my husband’s phone for emergency purposes, but I’ve never felt any urge to go through his photos or files ever.”


“She’s jealous of your late wife. As in the one person you can literally never ever cheat on her with.”

“She completely ruined memories that you cannot get back due to her own insecurities and need to control you and didn’t even apologize.”


“I’m so sorry you lost not only your wife, but so many pictures of her. I get how your girlfriend feels – living in the shadow of a spouse who has passed can be very difficult – but she took a permanent, irrevocable step as the only step.”

“Instead of asking you to keep the pictures on a flash drive, or make some other compromise where they were somewhere safe but weren’t on your phone, your girlfriend made a choice for you that can be incredibly damaging, and will likely mean more grieving.”

“While kicking her out is also a pretty drastic step, it’s understandable and at least undoable if you end up changing your mind. Whether or not you do should be entirely up to you.”


You can read the rest of what the internet had to say here.

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