She Found Out That Her Husband Told His Affair Partner He’s Still In Love With Her After He Agreed To Stay In The Marriage And Work To Fix It

romannoru - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Throughout the entire time this 39-year-old woman has been with her 43-year-old husband, she has felt like he has simply settled for her.

Back in the beginning of their relationship, her husband did cheat on her, but they were able to move past it.

Then six years ago, her husband started spending a ton of time with one of his female friends whom he reconnected with.

She got to be close to this friend of her husband’s too, and so did their two children, who adore this woman.

Two years ago, her husband told her that he’s pretty miserable in their marriage. He also pointed out that they’re essentially roommates.

The reason why they’re not as physical as they used to be comes down to her feeling bad about herself after having their kids.

They had a few conversations about her husband’s unhappiness, and from there, she did her best to try to make him feel desired.

Sadly, her husband rejected her every time, stating that she shouldn’t only be motivated by his unhappiness to try to connect with him.

Her husband spent the next year pulling away from her, and then seven months ago, he revealed that he had an affair with his female friend and wanted to leave their marriage for her.

romannoru – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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