Can We Just Talk About How This College Football Player Bravely Announced His Retirement So That He Could Address His Mental Health?

This past March, a college football player made a statement following his retirement from the league due to an issue not often discussed in the sports industry.

A former student and offensive lineman for Ohio State, Harry Miller, announced that he was medically retiring on March 10th, 2022.

“I would not usually share such information. However, because I have played football, I am no longer afforded the privilege of privacy, so I will share my story briefly before more articles continue to ask, ‘What is wrong with Harry Miller?'” he wrote in his official statement on Twitter.

Harry tragically revealed that prior to the football season last year, he told coach Ryan Day that he had intended to end his life.

His coach immediately put him in touch with two doctors affiliated with the team, who supported him as best they could.

Harry continued to try and get through a few football games but was still struggling immensely. He admits to playing games with healing wounds and scars that many Ohio State fans failed to notice at a game or through their television screens.

“There was a dead man on the television set, but nobody knew it. At the time, I would rather be dead than a coward,” wrote Harry.

Being a football player for one of the best college football teams came with its own series of stressors for Harry.

Twitter; pictured above is Harry

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