“Perfect Little Girl” Passes Away After A Rock Shattered The Windshield Of Her Family’s Car And Hit Her

Malad City, Idaho. 10-year-old Kambrie Horsley went to Malad Elementary School, and she enjoyed school.

In her free time, she loved surfing, dancing, and skiing. She was the middle child and thrived on being involved in everything her family did.

Kambrie was driving in the car with her dad on Monday when a semi-truck in front of them hit a rock, causing it to slam into their car’s windshield.

The rock shattered the glass and hit Kambrie her head.

Although Kambrie’s dad Brad rushed her to the hospital, she sadly passed away from the injuries she sustained in the freak accident.

“Kambrie was so full of life and love and always up for an adventure,” her obituary reads. “She was always playing with someone’s child or talking to an adult she had just met.”

“She loved all animals and was always happy to care for a new one.  Her happy countenance shown about her always and she gave everyone the best hugs!”

“Kambrie sped through her short life with such drive and intensity modeling love and inclusion in all she did.”

Facebook; pictured above is 10-year-old Kambrie Horsley

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