She Got In Her Car And Drove Away After It Turned Out She Was Alone On A Hiking Trip With Her Boss’s Husband But Now She’s Telling The Internet She Messed Up

A 26-year-old woman moved to a brand new city after getting a job there, and she has had a difficult time making new friends since then.

She really only knows the people that she works with, but they aren’t exactly her friends…they’re acquaintances.

She has a boss named Sue who has really made an effort to make her feel welcome. Sue frequently invites her and some of their teammates over for dinner, and never misses a chance to celebrate birthdays or other important events.

A week ago, she went for lunch with Sue and some coworkers, and Sue was telling her all about how her husband Greg leads a hiking group.

Sue said it might be great for her to join the hiking group since it would be a nice way for her to make some new friends.

Last Monday was a holiday because of July 4th, so her office was off for the day. Sue said that Greg was going on a hike with some people that day, and Sue suggested that she go on the hike too.

Although Monday was actually her birthday, she agreed to go hiking because she had not mentioned her birthday to anyone and she didn’t have anything special planned.

On Monday, she got in her car and drove to the spot where she was supposed to meet Greg and the rest of the group.

She mentioned that the meeting spot was in a very remote location, and when she got to the spot, not a single person was there except Greg.

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