She Wanted An Open Marriage Then Accused Her Husband Of Cheating And Now Her Friend Is Asking The Internet If She’s The Worst For Reminding This Woman She Reaped What She Sowed

A young woman revealed that her 30-year-old friend Bella brought up to her 28-year-old husband Mike that she wanted to have an open marriage.

Bella apparently told Mike that she had spent some time considering this, and she felt that having an open marriage was the sole way to keep their relationship going.

Bella said she loved Mike, but she did not feel fulfilled in their marriage. Mike was not on board with an open marriage, but he reluctantly agreed out of fear of losing Bella forever.

“Backstory here is that Bella and Mike have known each other since middle school but only started dating in college at which point Bella had a lot more experience in relationships,” this young woman said.

“Mike has told me he’s always felt like he was one step behind her in most things but that their marriage really worked and he was very happy with her.”

“…I think Mike didn’t expect Bella to actually go through with the open relationship idea she had proposed.”

3 months ago though, Bella revived the idea of having an open marriage, and she laid down a few rules with Mike on going through with it.

Recently, Bella called up this young woman well after midnight, crying. Bella told her that Mike had cheated.

Obviously, this young woman was confused, because she knows Mike very well and he never would cheat on Bella.

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