These 2 Girls Launched A Lemonade Stand To Help Donate Money To A Slain Police Officer’s Family

Commerce City, Colorado. Officer Gordon Beesley was part of the Arvada Police Department for 19 years.

On June 21st, Officer Beesley responded to a suspicious event call close to the Arvada Library.

When Officer Beesley arrived on the scene, a man came up behind him and shot him. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the man who killed Officer Beesley “had expressed a hatred for police.”

A man named Johnny Hurley stepped in to stop the shooter, and he did end up shooting and killing the man.

Sadly was thought to be the actual shooter by the backup officers that then got there to respond to the call, since he was holding the real shooter’s gun in his hand.

Johnny ended up being shot by the responding officers and also passed away.

After 9-year-old Scarlet Reust and 10-year-old Addyson Elliot from Commerce City learned about the tragic death of Officer Beesley, they decided they would like to try to do something to help his family.

17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office; pictured above are Addyson and Scarlett with their lemonade stand

“As people from across Colorado paid their respects to fallen Arvada Police Department, Colorado Officer Gordon Beesley, Addyson and Scarlett sold lemonade in a park in Commerce City,” the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office said in a Facebook post.

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