He Discovered His Niece Was Playing Cruel Pranks On Him And His Wife So He’s Telling The Internet He Canceled Paying For Her To Go To College

A man says that he and his wife have been trying to get pregnant for several years, but their biggest hurdle is infertility.

They have a few more solutions to try in order to have a child of their own, but everything is starting to feel hopeless for them.

This man has a niece who is 16-years-old, and he has always considered her to be more like his own daughter. She also is a friend to him.

Since he is very well off money-wise, he wanted to pay for his niece to go to college, hoping that she would be able to go anywhere she so chose.

His brother and his brother’s wife (who is really the stepmom of his niece) both know that he cares deeply about funding this teen’s college dreams, and they are appreciative of him spending his money this way.

His niece’s parents do make sure to tell him that he is loving, considerate, and wonderful.

Lately, he has been experiencing some bizarre things happening to him. For example, he will get random texts while he is in the office, and the person is trying to convince him that they are his wife.

The person will say that they have important news for him, or they will say that his wife is finally pregnant.

He also has found strange notes left on top of his car when he happens to be visiting his mom and dad.

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