Her Adopted Kids Are The Reason She Can’t Be Part Of Her Sister’s Wedding And Has To Drop Out As The Maid Of Honor

A woman says that her older sister is about to be getting married in just a couple of months, and she was asked to be her maid of honor.

She agreed, but it turns out that a few weeks ago she had to tell her sister that she could no longer be part of her wedding.

Her sister is furious with her for her decision to not be in the bridal party any longer, but she has a pretty valid reason for doing this.

Her sister does not accept or understand her reasoning, and here’s what it is.

This woman and her husband made the choice to adopt two children from the foster care system two years ago.

At the time, her daughter that they adopted was 4-years-old, and her son was 6-years-old. Her daughter and son had been living with them for one year before they went through with the adoption.

Pretty recently, her daughter was diagnosed as having reactive attachment disorder, and it’s hard for her to attach to other people. Additionally, she struggles with anger.

It’s been hard for her daughter to attach to her and her husband, and her daughter went to therapy to help her with this.

“We finally started to see some improvements with her and life was starting to take some shape. But then life went to sh*t several weeks ago,” this woman explained.

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