Her Adopted Kids Are The Reason She Can’t Be Part Of Her Sister’s Wedding And Has To Drop Out As The Maid Of Honor

“One of their former foster parents was in jail and got out. We were notified and the social worker did a poor job of the notification in that she just announced it at the door with the kids in earshot.”

“It resulted in what I would call a relapse of RAD in our daughter and in our son, he became very emotionally distressed and clingy and has needed to go under evaluation to see what the best course of treatment is.”

She thinks this all has been caused because of the trauma her children went through in that foster home, and currently, she is the only person that her children are doing alright around.

Although her daughter did form a pretty healthy attachment to her husband, that’s now all falling apart.

She no longer has any time to be part of her sister’s upcoming wedding due to dealing with everything that her children need, and she can’t just leave them home alone with her husband to attend the wedding at all.

“I can’t put stuff on my husband relating to our daughter while I focus on maid of honor stuff because it is a safety issue,” she said.

“Their interactions are done with me around or in a controlled environment with the therapist present.”

Her sister doesn’t want to hear it and thinks her being the maid of honor should be the top priority in her life.

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