Her Husband Created A Fake Online Life In Order To Talk To Another Woman And She’s Confiding In The Internet That This Makes Her So Sad

A 31-year-old woman has been married to her 34-year-old husband for 5 years, and they’re very honest with one another in their marriage.

They’re the type of couple that will use one another’s phones if theirs ends up being low on battery or they need one at the moment and theirs isn’t nearby.

This hasn’t been a problem for them ever, but around a month ago her husband started acting strange about her using his phone.

She actually called him out on it on one occasion, and he did not have a response for her.

She decided to let things just go, but last night, she accidentally discovered why her husband was being so secretive with his phone.

She ended up falling asleep along with the toddler she has with her husband, and she woke up in the early hours of this morning.

Not wanting to disturb their son, she reached for her husband’s phone to illuminate her way to the bathroom.

She picked it up and realized Whatsapp was opened up on his phone.

“He’s been flirting with another woman and invented a fake name for himself, a fake job (which is just the career he used to have and hated before he went back to school and switched fields), fake life,” she explained.

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