Her Husband Created A Fake Online Life In Order To Talk To Another Woman And She’s Confiding In The Internet That This Makes Her So Sad

“Also he needs to tell that other woman the truth or just delete the app altogether if he doesn’t want the backlash from her.”


“This is an emotional affair. It’s the exact definition. This is cheating, whether there was in-person contact or not.”

“This is a divorce worthy act. He won’t see it that way, but how would he act if he knew you had done the same thing? How would he feel then?”

“Do NOT let him get a pass on this. Literally, no part of it is ok, and it is NOT ok for your relationship.”


“I’d call him all the way out, and I’d also message the women he’s cheating with telling her that he’s used a fake name and career, etc.”

“Personally I think it’s completely pathetic to create an entire fake person to manipulate women (behind your SO’s back no less). He deserves a life lesson he won’t forget.”


“A lot of the commenters are quick to say “just get a divorce” as if it’s that easy. You guys should try couples counseling or therapy first.”

“Clearly, he needs something that he wasn’t getting from you (maybe because you’ve been taking care of the new baby) and he didn’t know how to cope.”

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