Her Husband Tried To Force Her To Rehome Her Pet Rabbit But She Refused And She’s Telling The Internet He Hasn’t Spoken To Her In A Week

A 28-year-old woman has had her pet rabbit for the last 6 years, and her mom gifted her the rabbit the day she graduated from college.

She had always dreamed of having a pet of her own, so her rabbit is incredibly special to her. She recently got married to her 30-year-old husband, and he is already a dad to a 12-year-old girl.

Her husband ended up getting full custody because his ex was charged with neglecting their daughter.

She admits that she has tried her hardest to be like a mom to her husband’s daughter, even before she came to live with them.

She has even saved up money every single month for this little girl’s college education, and she made the choice to no longer have children of her own so that she never ends up feeling neglected.

She also went so far as to officially adopt her husband’s daughter, and she clears her schedule to she can go to all the meetings at her school.

She truly has gone above and beyond to make this 12-year-old feel welcome, accepted, and like she’s a part of their family.

Back to the rabbit…she never lets her husband’s daughter hold the rabbit since they are highly sensitive and get upset easily by kids due to how high energy they are.

She also pointed out that kids can easily do something to hurt a rabbit without even knowing, and so she keeps her rabbit in a different room with lots of toys to alleviate boredom.

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