His Girlfriend Planned An Elaborate Trip For His Birthday But Then Made Him Pay For His Own Birthday Dinner And The Internet Is Insisting This Is So Wrong

A 28-year-old man celebrated his birthday yesterday, and his 30-year-old girlfriend who he has been with for a year decided to do something nice for him.

She actually planned an elaborate trip to his favorite city in America. She went all out and paid for their plane tickets as well as an Airbnb for them to stay in.

This man really couldn’t believe how elaborate and generous his girlfriend had been in planning this whole thing, and he didn’t bring it up to her because he realized she was really making a big effort to be generous with him.

Now, when he was a child, his mom and dad would say some terrible things to him such as nobody would end up attending his birthday party because they were on vacation, so he feels very badly about his birthdays as an adult.

He doesn’t think his birthday is important, he never wants a party, and he never wants his day to be a big deal. His girlfriend is aware of all of it.

So yesterday he and his girlfriend flew into the city she planned his birthday trip in, and then she brought him to a very expensive seafood restaurant as part of her plan.

Apparently, his girlfriend had gone on a girls’ trip with her friends to this city several months before his birthday, and she and her friends had been to this exact seafood place.

As soon as they sat down and looked at their menus, his girlfriend remarked on how much money it cost to eat their, and she was clearly uneasy while mentioning this.

He explained to her that he was happy to pay for half of their lunch, or he was also happy to pick out less expensive things on the menu.

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