Moments After This Mom Broke The News To Her Family That Her Daughter Has Cancer, Her Brother Decided To Announce That His Wife Is Pregnant So She Kicked Him Out And Is Asking The Internet If She Was Justified In Doing So

Her brother and her sister-in-law got up from their seats and told the whole family that they are pregnant.

Understandably, the family was divided on how to react to this, and some family members stood up to offer them congratulations, while others couldn’t move from their seats.

This mom didn’t get up, and her brother eventually made his way over to her to apologize that he needed to get this off his chest.

He pointed out that they have been waiting for years to be pregnant, and they needed to tell the family now since they were all together in one place.

“I argued with him about how he thought this was an appropriate time and asked if Megan mattered to him at all since he didn’t take a minute to realize she was just diagnosed with cancer,” this mom said.

“He started reminding me of how many years he and his wife suffered from frustration and disappointment for not being able to have kids and argued that because he wasn’t able to be a father until now (he’s 37) he felt he was missing out on so much for many years and that I didn’t have to finally tell him congratulations but should at least not guilt him for feeling overwhelmed and excited to finally be a father.”

He then fired back that he does love Megan, and that he was not in the wrong for sharing some positive news after them all getting terrible news.

This mom then told her brother that he needs to get her sister-in-law and leave her house immediately.

“He said he won’t argue anymore because of how tense I felt but will expect me to apologize at some point,” she continued.

“Some family agreed with me but my parents thought I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on him like that and that he’ll always remember my reaction to the news he gave and should apologize after I’ve calmed down.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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