She Let Her Large Dogs Chase The Neighbor’s Kids Out Of Her Yard And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Being Accused Of Traumatizing The Kids

While she was speaking to their mom, she revealed that she does have 2 large dogs, and she only got them to protect her and her family from strangers.

She pointed out to the mom that if her kids did end up breaking into her home, the dogs would do something about it and her kids would most likely get injured.

Now, she doesn’t wish to see the kids get injured, so that’s the reason why she brought this all up to their mom.

This mom couldn’t care less about her warning though. The mom told her if her dogs did anything to her kids, she would make sure she got arrested and she would also make sure her dogs would be euthanized.

Since this mom did absolutely nothing to rein in her kids and keep them safe, this woman realized she would have to do something.

One day when she caught the neighbor’s kids creeping close to her property, she let her dogs out to growl and bark at them.

Her dogs respond perfectly to her commands, and she gave her dogs a command to do that to the kids.

That’s all her dogs did though, and she got the desired result because the kids took off running and screaming back to their own house.

Her dogs were waiting at the edge of her property as she had instructed them, and once the kids ran off, she called to her dogs to come back inside.

Several days passed and everything was quiet, but then the mom and a police officer showed up at her front door.

The mom accused her dogs of biting her kids and she accused her of basically traumatizing the kids while putting the neighborhood at risk.

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