She Threw A Death Party For The Man Who Stalked Her After She Found Out He Passed But She Wants The Internet To Tell Her If It Was In Poor Taste

A woman says that she used to have a male coworker that began harassing her at their place of work.

Then it escalated, and he started harassing her outside of the office, and popping up everywhere she went.

At first, she thought maybe it was all just a coincidence, but then it became apparent that it was intentional on his part.

She felt scared and upset about what her coworker was doing to her. She was so frightened that she went to the police, but they weren’t able to do anything to help her.

She felt she had no choice but to find a different job, a different apartment, and a different car in the hopes of ending his stalking.

She also stopped going to the places she normally frequented, and all of her friends had to leave a place they were if he showed up, which hurt them all as well.

“He basically became like a Boogeyman to me and my friend group,” she explained.

It’s now been around a year since she last saw him anywhere, but the fact that she stopped seeing him did not make her feel any safer.

“Then, we found out he had passed away, one of my friends saw an obituary online. It was really unexpected, he was young and healthy,” she said.

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