She Walked Out On A Date With Her Boyfriend After He Bought Her A Bikini Instead Of A Purse And She’s Asking The Internet If She’s In The Wrong

A 25-year-old woman has been with her 28-year-old boyfriend Seth for 2 years now. A few days ago, they went on a date night, and they ended up going to the mall before heading out to dinner.

While she was walking around the mall with Seth, she spotted a purse that she absolutely adored.

“Before I could say anything, Seth looked at the price tag and said, “Woah! $40.00? That’s way too expensive, so don’t get any ideas, haha,” she explained.

What Seth said to her obviously made her feel a little sad, but she laughed it off and agreed with Seth that $45 was too expensive to buy it.

Not long after this had happened, she stopped into the bathroom for around 20 minutes. When she rejoined Seth at the mall, he told her something that lifted her spirits.

“After I came back, Seth said that he had a surprise to show me at dinner,” she continued. “I was excited because I figured he must’ve bought me something, maybe even the purse.”

So, she headed to the restaurant with Seth, and after they got seated, Seth reached for his backpack and said she had to close her eyes.

When she opened up her eyes, she saw Seth proudly displaying a hot pink colored bikini that he had bought her at the mall.

Initially, she was confused and surprised. She then asked Seth how much he had spent on the bikini, and he revealed it was $45.

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