She Wants To Take Apart The Gorgeous Diamond Necklace Her Grandma Left Her To Make An Engagement Ring And Her Mom Is Heartbroken Over It

A 28-year-old woman says that she is going to be engaged to her 29-year-old boyfriend pretty soon.

They really have no money right now because she is currently in medical school and has a lot of loans.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend just started his own company, and it doesn’t make any money right now.

He’s at the point where he’s just reinvesting more of his money to try to get the company to be profitable, but it’s not there yet.

She’s planning on doing something controversial with her family in order to get a diamond engagement ring for as cheap as possible.

When her grandma died around 4 years ago, she willed her a gorgeous diamond necklace that her own mom absolutely adores.

“I think it’s absurd to spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring when we aren’t financially stable/living in debt,” she explained.

“I mentioned this to my mother and told her that instead, I would use the center diamond from my inherited necklace as the diamond for the engagement ring.”

Yeah, so that did not go over well with her mom at all, who told her she was heartbroken to hear that’s what she is planning to do with the necklace.

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