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She’s Pregnant With Conjoined Twins And Hoping To Raise Enough Money To Pay For Their Separation Surgery

Louisville, Kentucky. It was just a few months ago on June 11th when Charla cook and her husband Logan attended the anatomy scan to see how the little girl Charla was carrying was doing.

Charla and Logan already have three young children between the ages of 21-months-old to 8-years-old, and they were in for quite a shock when they were told that Charla was pregnant with two girls instead of one.

Things only got more complicated from there when a follow-up ultrasound revealed that Charla and Logan’s twin girls are far closer than expected…they’re actually conjoined.

Unfortunately, nobody had realized this until it was too late into Charla’s pregnancy to give her and Logan many choices for proceeding with the pregnancy.

“The best thing the hospital could offer was the option to terminate within 4 days,” a GoFundMe page created for Charla and Logan explains.

“Not giving them enough time to ethically process what they had just found out or not giving them time to find surgeons that could help their twin girls.”

“Now in the 5th month of pregnancy, they are scrambling to do whatever they can to help their baby girls survive and have a chance at life.”

GoFundMe; pictured above are Charla and Logan’s conjoined twins

The odds of Charla and Logan’s twins having survived for this amount of time are literally astounding, and aside from the fact that they are conjoined, the girls are otherwise quite healthy.

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