After Her Friend Turned Into A Bridezilla, This Maid Of Honor Admits She Feels Resentful Of Her And Doesn’t Know What To Say In Her Speech Anymore

Part of your duties as a maid of honor includes coming up with a speech to read aloud to all the wedding guests.

Well, one 29-year-old woman says that after her 30-year-old friend went from bride to bridezilla, she’s left feeling resentful of her and she’s now struggling with what to say in her maid of honor speech.

She started out by explaining that she’s been friends with the bride for 6 years, and since her friend got engaged, she’s not even sure she wants to be her friend after the wedding.

Her friend has acted in such a way recently that has caused her to feel that the way she previously felt about her is all out the door.

“The wedding is too soon for me to bow out without causing a scene, ruining the wedding and compromising my relationships with everyone else in the wedding party and blowing up my whole life basically,” she said.

“So I am committed to going through with helping during the wedding, giving a speech, helping the bride with her dress, etc.”

“I’m supposed to be feeling warm and loving, and I know I’m supposed to be there to support her on her big day.”

“I think I can fake being sweet and happy, and I will do a good job with my tasks, but what will I say in my speech??”

She added that her friend has been disrespectful, self-centered, and rude not only to her but to all of their friends that have been taking part in the process of planning the wedding.

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