After Her Friend Turned Into A Bridezilla, This Maid Of Honor Admits She Feels Resentful Of Her And Doesn’t Know What To Say In Her Speech Anymore

On top of all this, her friend has been downright awful to her fiancé.

“He’s just the sweetest guy and she’s been constantly talking down to him, criticizing his appearance, and saying how she “settled” for a stable boring man, right in front of him,” she continued, before saying that if she was this guy she would have packed her bags and left.

Her whole goal right now is to survive the wedding, while not letting anyone else catch on to the fact that she’s miserable.

Once the wedding is over, she’s confident she will be able to put some space in between herself and her friend, which might help repair the friendship in the end.

That doesn’t change the fact that she’s currently got a mess on her hands about how to word this speech she needs to come up with.

She’s really not positive though if she should make things up in her speech and lie to everyone about how amazing her friend is, because that’s no longer the case, or if there’s a way she can be more realistic without ruining everything.

How would you deal with this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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