After His Friend Pulled A Very Cruel Prank On Him He’s Telling The Internet He Stranded Her On The Day She Was Supposed To Move Out Of Her Apartment

A 24-year-old guy is friends with this 22-year-old woman named Jess. They first became introduced to one another in class, and they have been friends for 3 years now.

Things between them have never been romantic, and this guy says that he is not the type of person to push those boundaries anyway.

A few days ago, he agreed to help Jess move out of her old apartment and into a new one since things between her and her current roommates have gotten bad.

He took the day off of work and was going to take his truck over to her apartment to help her, and Jess was eager to get out of her old place.

The night before the move, Jess got pizza for the two of them as a thank you for him helping her move.

“We were sitting there watching a movie on my couch, being platonic friends as usual, and suddenly she inched closer to me,” he said.

“I figured it was nothing until a minute later she got a little closer. Then she got a little closer and all I could do was think about how it was finally happening.”

“She squeezed up really close next to me and looked up at my face. I’m not the most confident guy so all I could say was “hi,” to which she responded “hi.” Then she asked if I wanted to do “something.” I asked what “something” was.”

“And she said “oh y’know … something.” Still trying to keep room for plausible deniability, again, I laughed and said I don’t know what “something” was.”

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