After His Mother-In-Law Refused To Come To The Wedding For A Crazy Reason, Here’s How He Replied To Her

A 33-year-old doctor is going to be getting married this upcoming November, and the problem he is having is with his mother-in-law.

She’s pretty much tried to take over planning the wedding, and he says it has been nothing short of a “nightmare” up until this point.

He explained that his fiancée currently is not making any money due to a medical issue, but she is planning on returning to her job at some point, so he is the one footing the bill for the whole wedding right now.

He budgeted a set amount for the wedding itself and the honeymoon to follow. He also did all of the planning for the wedding food, the guest list, and the actual date in November.

Well, his mother-in-law tried to fight him every step of the way because the way he did things was different than how she wanted.

Add that to the fact that his fiancée is his mother-in-law’s only daughter, and things have really gotten out of control.

This groom-to-be recently learned that his mother-in-law (along with his father-in-law) picked out a particular venue that they insist the wedding needs to be at.

Unfortunately, the venue they are demanding is ridiculously expensive and far from where his family lives, and his family has even explained to him they won’t be able to make it if the wedding ends up being there.

He told his mother-in-law that he is not considering the venue she desperately wants, but despite that, she has not been letting it go and she keeps trying to get him to agree to have the wedding there.

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