Gender Reveal Party Causes 2 Tennessee Schools To Go On Lockdown Thinking There Was An Active Shooter

Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Two Tennessee schools went on lockdown recently after thinking there was an active shooter nearby, but the situation turned out to be something different than everyone anticipated.

On September 1st in the afternoon, someone living on Oak Hill Drive heard gunshots and someone screaming.

That person quickly called 911 at around 1:30, and since the shooter sounded so close to Oakland Middle School and Oakland High School, police officers with the Murfreesboro Police Department put the schools quickly into lockdown.

Not long after the lockdown was put into place, authorities learned that the source of the shooting was a dad at a gender reveal party who couldn’t contain his joy.

“It was found to be expectant parents making a gender revealing phone call to out-of-county family members,” the Murfreesboro Police Department said in a statement.

“During the phone call the expectant father stepped outside and fired celebratory rounds from a handgun into the air and the expectant mother screamed out of excitement of the news of a baby boy.”

In the end, the lockdowns were lifted and the dad-to-be was charged with unlawfully discharging his gun within city limits.

Twitter; pictured above is a statement from the Murfreesboro Police Department

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