Guy Proposes To His Gold Digger Of A Girlfriend With A Fake Ring And What Happens When They Break Up Is Karma At Its Finest

Sometimes, karma just takes a bit to catch up with people, like this woman named Karen that a man named Dave was dating.

Karen was definitely a gold digger, and she also acted quite entitled. “She was a bit of white trailer trash but fancied herself a rich lady,” Dave’s cousin explained.

“She was VERY vocal to all the other women in the family about how she wanted a “traditional” diamond ring and how she’d like Dave to follow the “tradition” of getting her an engagement ring worth 3 month’s salary.”

Dave had a decent job, but he just didn’t have that kind of money to propose to Karen with the ring she insisted upon having.

So, Dave researched different diamond alternatives, and he ended up discovering white sapphires.

White sapphires look so similar to a diamond, an untrained eye really can’t tell the difference, and Dave thought it would be a great pick for an engagement ring.

Dave was now able to afford exactly what Karen had wanted in regards to the size of the stone and the band of the ring.

He then proposed to Karen, telling her that it was a diamond ring he picked that took him over a year to save up for.

Maybe that wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but Dave confided in his cousin that it was his way of getting back at Karen for being a beast about the ring in the first place.

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