He Told His Wife She Needs To Get Over Her Ex Already But Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Apologize

A 34-year-old man is asking the internet if he should apologize to his 33-year-old wife after telling her she needs to get over her ex.

He started out by explaining that his wife used to be with this guy named Will. They dated throughout high school, and then Will dumped her during their sophomore year of college.

When his wife went to graduate school, she started things up with Will again, only to have him dump her for a second time when he attended medical school out of state.

His wife was in love with Will, and he stomped all over her heart not once, but twice. She did go on to date after Will, and some of those relationships were longer-term.

Before this man met his wife, he never fell in love with someone, and he never had his heart broken like she did.

He’s been married to his wife for 3 years, and they were with one another for 3 years before tying the knot.

A little more than one year ago, he was diagnosed as having leukemia, which really exhausted him and his wife mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Due to his diagnosis, he and his wife have had to isolate seriously since if he gets sick, he could end up dying.

He kind of has become like one of her girlfriends since then because she can’t spend time with anyone else.

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