Her Adult Boyfriend Still Plays With Toys So She Donated Them Without Asking Him And The Internet Says She Has No Heart

A pregnant woman in her 20s says her boyfriend (also in his 20s) still plays with toys and it really bothers her.

So, she donated all of his toys without asking him so she could make room for their baby on the way, and the internet is telling her she has no heart for what she did to him.

“My boyfriend has always called himself “A Kid at Heart”. He collects toys, from quite a few different series. Wresting, TMNT, X Men, anime, etc.,” she started out by saying.

“We’re in our 20’s. But they aren’t for collecting purposes, they’re all out of the box. And…He plays with them.”

“Whenever he thinks I’m asleep, I can hear him mimicking the voices of the characters or doing commentary and I’ll peak in the room and see him actually playing with them.”

They live in a smaller apartment together, and her boyfriend has one of the rooms set aside just for his toys.

He never plays with his toys outside of the room, and when he returns from work every day, he goes straight to his room to play with his toys.

He also can’t stop ordering new ones, and packages come basically twice a week for him.

Despite his time-consuming hobby, his girlfriend says he does always spend time with her as well, so this isn’t a matter of her feeling neglected.

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