Her Stepdaughter Wants To Wear Her Dead Daughter’s Wedding Dress But It’s Making Her Uneasy

She went on to say that Zoey will be getting married this upcoming April. As she was discussing wedding dresses with Zoey, out of the blue Zoey inquired about Lauren’s wedding dress.

Zoey mentioned that she had happened to see Lauren’s dress several times and she wanted to see it again at that moment.

She agreed to let Zoey see, and then Zoey surprisingly said she wants to wear Lauren’s wedding dress to her own wedding.

Understandably, this made her feel uneasy and she said she did not like the idea. Zoey pushed back, going on to say that she needed to change things about Lauren’s dress like the size of it so she can fit in it and the style of it so it better suits her.

She had a tough time hearing Zoey say these things about Lauren’s wedding dress, and she again told Zoey she could not let her wear it.

Zoey kept pressing her, even offering to pay for it, but that’s not the point. The dress is highly sentimental to her.

“She argued saying I was making things complicated and it was alright since she too is my daughter,” she said.

“She asked if I don’t love her as much I told her my love for her is different but she threw a fit calling me unfair and unreasonable to still say no.”

If this doesn’t make your jaw hit the floor, just wait. Her husband then inserted himself into the issue, and backed up Zoey, saying he doesn’t get what the problem is.

She attempted to get her husband and Zoey to stop talking about it, but the thing is, they can’t. They are now constantly bringing this up to her and basically begging for the dress.

They took things further, trying to insinuate that maybe Lauren would want another woman to wear the wedding dress she was supposed to have since she can’t do that anymore.

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