This Kindergarten Teacher Thought Quickly And Saved A Child Choking At School

Charlestown, Indiana. Chene Hunt is a Kindergarten para-educator working at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Charlestown, Indiana.

Chene was inside the elementary school’s cafeteria on August 16th working lunch duty that day, and while she was helping, she noticed something concerning.

One of the kindergarteners was making their way towards a garbage can in the cafeteria.

Initially, Chene figured the child was perhaps going to throw up in the garbage can, but then she saw them waving their arms around in distress.

Facebook; pictured above is Chene

Thinking quickly, Chene jumped in to save this child’s life, as they were clearly choking.

“Mrs. Hunt immediately went to the student and noticed the student’s lips starting to turn blue. She performed the Heimlich Maneuver, which successfully cleared the child’s airway,” Greater Clark County Schools said in a Facebook post.

“The student’s family, Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, and Greater Clark County Schools are very thankful for her fast and calm response. She was recognized with a Board Salute earlier this week.”

Before Chene accepted her new role as a Kindergarten para-educator, she actually spent 18 years working in the emergency room as a technician.

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