His Wife Miscarried And He’s Telling The Internet He Blamed Her Entirely For It

A 30-year-old man has been married to his 27-year-old wife, Annie, for the past 3 years now, and he’s extremely well off, which he feels is important mentioning and we’ll get to that in a minute.

He owns several buildings that have apartments as well as business spaces in them, so he makes the majority of his income just on the rents from those spaces.

Additionally, he works in IT for himself, so that adds to the money he makes off the rentals.

When Annie got pregnant, he told her that he wanted her to stop working her job as a lawyer, since she does have health problems including bone issues and anemia.

Although he asked Annie to remain home, Annie told him she would continue to work.

“A week ago, she passed out at her office and fell down the stairs causing her to lose our unborn baby in the process,” he said.

“I was at home when I got the call from her assistant saying that she fell. I rushed to the hospital only to be told we lost our baby.”

“My wife was crying but I refused to listen to her and blamed her for the miscarriage. I said that our child dodged a bullet by not being born to her. I left her at the hospital.”

Annie’s doctor did point out that this was a terrible accident, before explaining to Annie that she would no longer be able to have children after this.

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