She Paid $15k To Take Her Boyfriend On Vacation But He Just Told Her He Met A Younger Woman So She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Still Go

A 41-year-old woman dropped a whopping $15,000 to take her 51-year-old boyfriend on vacation along with their children from previous relationships.

She has a 6-year-old son and her boyfriend has a 13-year-old son and a 15-year-old son. All the children will be coming on this vacation that she’s footing the bill for.

Here’s the kicker though; her boyfriend just told her he met a younger woman, and she’s asking the internet if she should even still go on this trip.

“I am fairly newly divorced from my ex and pretty quickly started dating a new guy (widower) I met online,” she started out by explaining.

“Things moved probably way too fast and we were talking about being engaged, getting to know each other’s kids, and on and on.”

“With all that I guess I overlooked that we’d never agreed to be exclusive with each other.”

Despite this oversight, they still decided to take an expensive vacation with their kids to two different places in Mexico.

One of her good friends is a travel agent, so she booked the trip through this friend and there is no insurance on the trip.

Her boyfriend is already in Mexico with his teen sons, but she hasn’t left yet because her 6-year-old son was spending time with her ex-husband.

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