She Sent The Police To Her Stepsister’s Wedding After She Stole The Necklace That Belonged To Her Late Mom

A 32-year-old woman sent the police to her stepsister’s wedding after she stole the necklace that belonged to her late mom.

This woman started out by explaining that her mom passed away when she was 23-years-old. Her death was not fair, but it was preventable.

She spent years in therapy, and then her dad remarried to a woman that had a 25-year-old daughter. She did not get along well with her dad’s new wife or her new stepsister.

She never ended up being close to either of them, but she would sit down at the dinner table and be polite.

Then, her dad got very sick, and she ended up having to spend a lot of time with her stepmom and stepsister.

She’s currently the one in charge of her dad and the care he is receiving since her stepmom works a full-time job and her stepsister doesn’t actually help.

She also moved into her dad and stepmom’s house so that she could be right there to help her dad in his time of need.

“I brought with me all of my mom’s belongings and my stepsister showed interest in my mom’s necklace and asked if she could borrow it to wear it at her wedding,” she said.

“I refused and she tried every method to convince me. I had to put it in a place where I thought it’d be safe after my stepmother got involved.”

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