She Sent The Police To Her Stepsister’s Wedding After She Stole The Necklace That Belonged To Her Late Mom

“As the wedding approached they both kept convincing me to let my stepsister have it…I stood my ground and told them how serious I was so they backed off,” she continued.

When her stepsister’s wedding day came, she stayed at home to take care of her dad instead of going.

That day, she went to the spot where she thought she had hidden the necklace well, only to discover that it was gone.

It was no longer where she had safely tucked it away.

She spent the next several hours looking throughout the whole house, but the necklace was nowhere to be found.

She then called up her stepmom, who revealed that her stepsister took her necklace and was wearing it at her wedding.

This meant that she was not going to be getting her necklace returned until after her stepsister came home from the honeymoon.

“I screamed at her to return it but she argued about not wanting to leave the guests and the wedding already started,” she explained.

“I told her I’d get it myself but she forbid me from coming saying she’d have to keep me out for wanting to make a scene.”

“I called the Police and explained to them what was happening. I informed them my stepsister intended to leave for her honeymoon with my property.”

Well, the police showed up at her stepsister’s wedding, and they were able to successfully get her necklace back.

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